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A blue and white Chinese porcelain Chongzhen period Kendi with flying horses

a Wonderfull very good formed and colored Chinese porcelain kendi or drinking vessel from the late Ming period (late Wanli-Chongzhen) of globular form with alternating panels of flying horses and floral sprays, the shoulders painted with 2 medallions with peaches, on a Swastica motif ground. The garlic-head mouth decorated with stylized petals above a tapering neck with prunus branches. The mammiform spout decorated with stylized pearls and 2 peaches. Some typical sand adhering to the footrim. a Kendi was used for drinking and storing water, in the far East. During the 17th century they were exported as curio objects to the West by the United East India Company VOC. a Simular kendi can be seen in the Burghley collections.

Size: 21 cm in height, 15 cm diameter (Kendi belly!)

Condition: Very good, some minor glaze loss and small frits to the rims. One 5mm flat rim chip at mouth. No hair line or any restorations.

Period: Late Ming, Transitional period Chongzhen ca. 1620-1640.

Ref.: 718006


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